The relationship that Wayne Davis / WMDavis, Inc. has with the Community Bank of the Chesapeake dates back many years… the early 1980’s. WM Davis, Inc. is very well respected in the area by the business community and the bank shares that sentiment.

Nearly all of the bank’s locations throughout the area have been constructed by WMDavis, Inc.  We have always found the company to be reliable, professional, realistic and genuine. Each of these traits are valued by the bank and I trust any well run, long-standing and successful firm……such as WMDavis, Inc.

More specifically, our projects run close to planned schedules, and the on-site supervisors are always very willing to keep us abreast of both good news and coming challenges.

In sum, Wayne Davis & WMDavis, Inc. are considered to be long standing partners of the bank and we look forward to may projects in the future.


Jim DiMisa

Executive Vice President & C.O.O.