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Community Bank – Executive Vice President

The relationship that Wayne Davis / WMDavis, Inc. has with the Community Bank of the Chesapeake dates back many years… the early 1980’s. WM Davis, Inc. is very well respected in the area by the business community and the bank shares that sentiment.

Nearly all of the bank’s locations throughout the area have been constructed by WMDavis, Inc.  We have always found the company to be reliable, professional, realistic and genuine. Each of these traits are valued by the bank and I trust any well run, long-standing and successful firm……such as WMDavis, Inc.

More specifically, our projects run close to planned schedules, and the on-site supervisors are always very willing to keep us abreast of both good news and coming challenges.

In sum, Wayne Davis & WMDavis, Inc. are considered to be long standing partners of the bank and we look forward to may projects in the future.


Jim DiMisa

Executive Vice President & C.O.O.

Mechanicsville Fire Department – John Montgomery

As President of the Mechanicsville Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.  I have had the pleasure of working with W M Davis on the Mechanicsville fire station project and I have been pleased with their cooperation.

W M Davis spent time with the Department’s committee in a collaborative effort to ascertain our needs and assisted us through the permitting process by meeting with county and state regulatory agencies.

The Davis team constructed a quality facility.  The attention to detail and craftsmanship are evident on every component of the building. At this time, the building has been occupied for only 3 months with no major problems, however, we still have some small things to complete.

I feel comfortable recommending W M Davis for a project.  You may contact me with any particular questions that you may have.

John S. Montgomery,

President, MVFD

UMD Charles Regional Medical Center – Paul Blackwood

To Whom It May Concern:

The University of Maryland Charles Regional Medical Center has used W. M. Davis Construction, Inc.  on four projects which required significant coordination and cooperation with the hospital.  These projects included: (1) renovation of the existing Pathology/Clinical Laboratory Department; (2) adding four treatment rooms and a triage area to the existing Emergency Department; (3) conversion of a Medical / Surgical unit into a comprehensive Wound Healing Center, including hyperbaric oxygen chambers; and (4) renovation of the existing Communication Department, Medical Staff Lounge and staff entrance.

Each of these projects has required successfully working with us to maintain ongoing operations.  The projects have also involved extensive safety and infection prevention measures to comply with hospital regulations.  We have always found W.M. Davis to be highly dependable and trustworthy working in the most sensitive areas of the hospital.  Their pricing has always been fair and change orders have been kept to a minimum.  Communication with staff and management has been timely and accurate.  All four projects have been completed on schedule and on budget.   They work smartly, quickly, and accurately.  They adapt when adjustments are needed.  The quality of their finished product is excel lent and we have found no issues after project completion.

In closing, we have the highest regard for the professionalism of W.M. Davis Construction, Inc. and would highly recommend them to you.  Should you have any questions or require any additional information, please contact me directly at 301-609-4298 or at

Thank you for your consideration.


Paul Blackwood

Vice President – Planning

St. Mary’s Recreation and Parks – David Guyther

The W.M. Davis Company built a new block restroom building at the Wicomico Shores Public Landing. This building included both a men and women’s restroom. They did an excellent job, were very good to work with and finished the project in a timely manner.

The Company also performed a renovation project for us at Lancaster Park. The project involved renovating one building in a former housing development built in the 1940’s known as the Flat Tops. The Flat Top house was renovated into what is now known as the United States Colored Troops Civil War Memorial Interpretive Center. This was a complete renovation inside the building and some minor renovations on the exterior. Once again, the W.M. Davis Company was easy to work with finishing the project on time and the quality of work was very good.

I would strongly consider The W.M. Davis Company for future projects. Sincerely,

David Guyther Parks Manager

St. Mary’s County Recreation & Parks

Manns Woodward Studios – Gary Campbell

June 30th, 2017


A R C H I T E C T U R E + I N T E R I O R S + P L A N N I N G


Dear Mr. Davis:

It is with great pride and satisfaction that I am able to write you in recommendation of

W.M. Davis’ recent performance at the Mechanicsville Volunteer Fire Department in Mechanicsville, Maryland.

The existing building for Mechanicsville Volunteer Fire Department dates to 1976 and has had several additions and renovations throughout its lifespan. Over the years the department has increased its membership and fleet of response vehicles to the point of exceeding   the  capacity of the station. To accommodate the departments requirements a new seven bay fire station with accompanying living and administrative area was designed.

Your team worked hand in hand with the design team and Owner throughout both the bidding and construction process to bring the project within budget. You demonstrated thoughtful execution of the contract documents to ensure that the project was well coordinated and constructed. The product delivered by your team has certainly resulted in a renewal of spirit within the department and passion towards providing volunteer services to the Mechanicsville community.

I look forward to continuing our relationship with your  staff and would consider W. M. Davis, Inc. for any construction project.

Very Sincerely,

Gary Campbell | Senior Associate | Manns Woodward Studios, Inc.

Calvert Marine Museum – Christopher Bologna

Calvert Marine Museum

Letter of Recommendation

W.M. Davis, Inc.

To Whom It May Concern:

Christopher S. Bologna, Inc. (CSBI) is a construction management, inspection and consulting firm representing owners on various projects.  Owners we have managed projects for are St. Mary’s County government, Department of General Services, University of Maryland and many other clients over the last twenty years giving us exposure to numerous contractors.  W. M. Davis, Inc. successfully completed the renovations at Piney Point Lighthouse Museum and Park on schedule, within budget and most importantly with professionalism and quality.  The project team was well organized, communicating and coordinating construction activities with museum activities seamlessly.  I recommend W. M. Davis, Inc. without hesitation for any project you may be considering.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 301-904-7880.

Very truly yours,

Christopher S. Bologna

President CSBI

Frank Fearns – St. Mary’s Hospital

As Director of Projects for St. Mary’s Hospital I have had the pleasure of working with W.M. Davis on several projects. The project that I have been most pleased with was completion of the Hospice House for Hospice of St Mary’s.

W M Davis spent time with the hospital team in a collaborative effort to ascertain our needs and assisted us through permitting process by meeting with county and state regulatory agencies.

The Davis team constructed a quality facility.  The attention to detail and craftsmanship are evident every component of the building.  The building has been occupied for over a year at this time with no major problems.

I feel comfortable recommending W M Davis for your project.  You may contact me with any particular questions that you may have.


Frank Fearns

Director of Projects

St. Mary’s Hospital

Frederick Sass – Solomons Island Yacht Club

Thoughts regarding the performance of W. M. Davis, Inc. on the Solomons Island Yacht Club (SIYC) building addition and renovation in 2009/2010.

The Solomons Island Yacht Club signed a fixed price design-build contract with W. M. Davis, Inc. in September 2009 to construct a 2400 square foot two story addition and renovation of our Clubhouse building, located on the harbor in Solomons, MD.  Construction started in November 2009.  I was the chairman of the (SIYC) Construction Committee and negotiated the contract and chaired the committee that was responsible for overseeing the entire construction project.  I along with the Commodore, approved all of the bills and change orders.  The design build aspect of the project meant that W. M. Davis, Inc. was responsible for the architect’s work as well as the builder’s.  SIYC contracted separately with the engineering firm of COA, Inc. for the site engineering and design.  The process worked well and we are very pleased with the entire outcome of the project.

This was a major addition to a building originally constructed in 1944, which had been modified and enlarged over time.  As a result, a number of construction and design issues arose during the construction process that had to be worked out among SIYC, W. M. Davis, Inc. and the architect.  Wayne Davis was involved personally during the entire project and all issues were resolved to our satisfaction regarding design, quality and price.  The project was finished as we requested in time for our “Opening Day” in the spring of 2012.  The total cost of the project was very important to the membership.  It was their primary concern and the project was completed within budget including change orders.  The quality of the design and the quality of the workmanship is excellent.

The membership of SIYC is very proud of its new building.  It is beautiful, inside and out and the attendance of the membership at Club functions has significantly increased as a result.

I am also very proud of the new building and would be happy to show it, inside and out, to anyone who would like to see it.  Just give me a call on 410-610-8807.

I would definitely turn to W. M. Davis, Inc. to do a project again.


Frederick Sass