The W.M. Davis Company built a new block restroom building at the Wicomico Shores Public Landing. This building included both a men and women’s restroom. They did an excellent job, were very good to work with and finished the project in a timely manner.

The Company also performed a renovation project for us at Lancaster Park. The project involved renovating one building in a former housing development built in the 1940’s known as the Flat Tops. The Flat Top house was renovated into what is now known as the United States Colored Troops Civil War Memorial Interpretive Center. This was a complete renovation inside the building and some minor renovations on the exterior. Once again, the W.M. Davis Company was easy to work with finishing the project on time and the quality of work was very good.

I would strongly consider The W.M. Davis Company for future projects. Sincerely,

David Guyther Parks Manager

St. Mary’s County Recreation & Parks