Thoughts regarding the performance of W. M. Davis, Inc. on the Solomons Island Yacht Club (SIYC) building addition and renovation in 2009/2010.

The Solomons Island Yacht Club signed a fixed price design-build contract with W. M. Davis, Inc. in September 2009 to construct a 2400 square foot two story addition and renovation of our Clubhouse building, located on the harbor in Solomons, MD.  Construction started in November 2009.  I was the chairman of the (SIYC) Construction Committee and negotiated the contract and chaired the committee that was responsible for overseeing the entire construction project.  I along with the Commodore, approved all of the bills and change orders.  The design build aspect of the project meant that W. M. Davis, Inc. was responsible for the architect’s work as well as the builder’s.  SIYC contracted separately with the engineering firm of COA, Inc. for the site engineering and design.  The process worked well and we are very pleased with the entire outcome of the project.

This was a major addition to a building originally constructed in 1944, which had been modified and enlarged over time.  As a result, a number of construction and design issues arose during the construction process that had to be worked out among SIYC, W. M. Davis, Inc. and the architect.  Wayne Davis was involved personally during the entire project and all issues were resolved to our satisfaction regarding design, quality and price.  The project was finished as we requested in time for our “Opening Day” in the spring of 2012.  The total cost of the project was very important to the membership.  It was their primary concern and the project was completed within budget including change orders.  The quality of the design and the quality of the workmanship is excellent.

The membership of SIYC is very proud of its new building.  It is beautiful, inside and out and the attendance of the membership at Club functions has significantly increased as a result.

I am also very proud of the new building and would be happy to show it, inside and out, to anyone who would like to see it.  Just give me a call on 410-610-8807.

I would definitely turn to W. M. Davis, Inc. to do a project again.


Frederick Sass